Cave drawings–great bkground and pattern

Sawadee Khrap


I thought this shot of “Nut”,  you’ve seen him before in previous image posts, looked great on this background – painted wall and painted  (tattooed)  boy.  Mankind has always made drawings to show the wild beasts they encountered – has that changed today ???   therefore I think IMG_2323-Edit-2these cave drawings would make a great pattern for his Calvin Klein  underwear. 

Not for everyday use – maybe not so great for the beach – but in the bedroom, WOW – 


what do you think ?

Can we tame his wild beast ???


One thought on “Cave drawings–great bkground and pattern”

  1. Very interesting. Like you said, not so good for the beach but for the bedroom is good. However, that said, the cave drawings are quite noisy & take a way from the beauty & simplicity of the subject.. Just my thoughts..

    part of that is my inability to use shadows to outline objects in cloth or fabrics – I’m working on that – hopefully I’ll learn how and can use it to emphasize things that bulge or push through a flexible surface.

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