Blog Hacked–corrected now–new digs in Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Sorry to have been down for so long – Blog was hacked.  Not sure who did it  – one intruder was from China and a couple from the US, but now it’s been fixed for a while.  At first I thought it was just a database problem but in further investigation found several corrupted/hacked files and several un-authorized logins.  I reset and updated the security software and hope this will stop future problems. 

Here are some shots of my new condo  in Chiang Mai –  Big kitchen area, great living room space and bedroom large enough to have a King size bed and my new exercise Elliptical machine.  These show everything except I didn’t have the fish tank separation stand for the living room done at the time of the photos.  Now with the elliptical I don’t have to go for morning walks – great for the rainy season and when the burning haze starts next May.  Now to get a new car.


There is a lot more noise than my old place in Pattaya, but I will try to get used to it – I have a clause in my lease that I can move if it gets too bad – I’m hoping that it won’t be the case. What is nice is that I am within walking distance of the Kad Saun Kaew and Maya Shopping Centers and centrally located for everything else making it easy to catch a songtaw to go anywhere in the city..  The condo is 73 km2 so lots of space to set up another photo studio for model shots – just need to build the lighting boxes so I can roll them out of the way when not needed – next project.

Going to start taking new photos of the area and retrace some old standard sites – but still settling in and slow to get a lot done – maybe that’s just old age setting in too.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your technical problems and hacking of your blog. Good luck in Chiang Mai, pictures of your condo look great. (I often read, but rarely comment on your blog.)

    Thanks Christian Ya, and I have had several hack attempts since – but the firewall and security program is locking them out now – fine for now – we will see what the future holds – I was seriously thinking of changing to a BlogSpot site but it comes with it’s own problems – and for sure I wouldn’t have the flexibility I have with my present private blog. Glad you commented, I really appreciate that – lets me know that there is actually someone reading the blog – working on setting up a new studio area in the condo – hope to be posting some new models soon.

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