Tribute to Khun Ball at the Venue

Sawadee Khrap

Friday night I went to the special evening performance to honor Khun Ball who recently passed away.  _MG_9912_MG_1537_MG_1219_MG_1798Here are some of the numerous images I have of Ball (that was his name shown on the marque or you may also have known him as Bon.  He was, by far, my favorite dancer – always full of energy, smiling, and I thought the highest kicker in the troupe.   Donations  collected to help out the family raised over 100,000 Baht,  – his Mother, sister and brother were there and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.  Where’re going to miss him terribly and what a tragic loss.    RIP  Khun Ball.   God Bless such a warm, talented and carefree spirit.


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  1. This is so sad,
    My Partner and my Sister and I stayed at the Venue in November 2013, we saw Ball do performance that I’ll never forget. He came out on stage dressed as a school boy, carrying a teddy bear, and sang Tell Me Why, why is it like this, he was pleading for help from Soldiers, a Lady and her Boyfriend, and everyone just kept casting him aside, it was the most heart wrenching performance I’d ever seen, everyone in the ordiance had tears running down their faces.
    I seen many many Cabaret shows in the years that I’ve been coming to Thailand, but nothing like that performance, it was beautiful, and I can’t believe such a wonderful talent is gone.

    RIP Little Man…..


  2. I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Bon as I have not only had the opportunity of seeing this brilliant young talent dance, but also had the chance of spending time with him riding on the back of his motor bike as I spend all my Canadian winters in Pattaya and was so looking forward of going back just to see him dance again. I still find it hard to believe that I will never see him again and he will always be in my heart and will greatly be missed by everyone. RIP buddy.

  3. The sad news reached me here in my native Vienna. Thank you for making it possible through this site to pass my deepest felt sympathy to Bon’s family and all his friends who were able to see him on stage and enjoy his work.
    His great heartwarming smile will be missed.

  4. Hi Frank,
    I have only just subscribed to your site, having been a sporadic follower for some time.
    It was with very great sorrow that I read of the passing of Khun Ball and this has spurred me to contact you.
    I am falang from UK and visit LOS as often as I can.
    I have watched this beautiful creature at Venue and his performance has always been the best I have ever seen.
    On my last visit, after the show, I plucked up enough courage to speak to him on my way out and I thanked him and told him that his performance was beautiful and had reduced me to tears – which it had done – this is a phenomenon which usually only takes place when I listen to very good music.
    He understood what I said and thanked me – unhappily I did not get back to see him again.
    Not wishing to appear morbid, but your post has moved me greatly and I wonder how the dear and beautiful soul met his end?
    In the course of my visits, I usually stay in a Condo in Soi 15, off Second Road and I am sure we must have passed one another, like the proverbial ships in the night – I have been known to spend time in Sunnee and particularly I visit Eros and I spend quite a bit of time on Jomtien Beach, always at Pitch 19, where I am known and well looked after buy the staff.
    I sign off with great sorrow in my heart.
    Best Wishes and thank you.

    Thanks for the comment and caring – we will all miss him, as you say he was the brightest bulb on the stage – as for what happened – I have talked to another dancer and they only know that “something internal” problem and he died. Not sure exactly what happened and don’t want to speculate. God Bless

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