Thailand Update

Sawadee Khrap

Many of the caches of weapons have been rounded up – crowds dispersed – curfew lifted – somewhat back to normal life – Be careful in BKK – there may still be attacks against the Army – don’t be in the middle – Pattaya seem quiet and peaceful, just HOT – maybe rain today and start of rainy season and cooler weather.  Come on over, the boys are waiting.


2 thoughts on “Thailand Update”

  1. Thanks for the info. I would have thought the curfew impact would have been huge. Thank goodness it was only short term. This time of the year the clubs and boys are probably finding things tough enough without further impediments.

    Ya, its really slow here anyway, no customers for any of the clubs or bars – they don’t need other problems.

  2. Curfew is OK by me. Not really a big thing even up here in CNX. However what I really don’t understand the to blanket covering ‘all TV’ which included HBO, etc., etc., etc. Even History Channels are blocked. What’s up with this? Several of my favorite programs are on these channels, ‘Counting Cars’ ‘Kings of Restoration, etc., etc., etc…… Come one guys, you leave us nothing & I do mean nothing……

    That blockage was lifted last night – just the Thai stations are being blocked by the Military now — BBC, Fox, etc. are now online

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