Plavix update

Sawadee Khrap

I just walked back from lunch  – actually I felt I wanted  to walk back from lunch – what a difference from just 3 days ago – walking was a strain and something I dreaded.  Every morning I would eat my oatmeal, take my meds and then go for a 1/2 mile walk around the buildings – usually with aching hips ( actually I am told its my gluteal muscles that are aching).  I wanted to increase the distance but the hip pain would get too great.

Since I hadn’t had a stent placement and Plavix is usually recommended after operations to eliminated buildup in the stent – I thought it was probably not necessary for me to continue taking it – but had read that to just stop cold could be dangerous and everyone recommended weaning off it.  That would also cut my meds cost.  I am taking Aspin and that should have been enough thinning to eliminate possible strokes.  So I started cutting down on it,  weaning off the Plavix  (blood thinner) by extending the days between doses and had really started feeling better but found that my morning “wood” was diminishing – couldn’t have that – so I started taking it again –  what a shock that was – hip pain back.

WOW – this stuff was causing all my butt muscle pain – I have now stopped for 3 days and already my desire for walking has returned – little and/or no hip pain, getting better every day -  but this means the “wood” problem will have to be addressed in another way – but it is apparent that having thinner blood is allowing better erection response.  So after a week free of Plavix I will check to see how the erections are going and look for an additional blood thinner that will help – preferable natural, maybe garlic, turmeric, or better yet the Blackmores fish oil that I’m taking now will also help in this area in addition to the cholesterol control.   I want to cut my meds down to as little as possible and hopefully to only natural food sources if possible.

But for now – NO PLAVIX – this stuff is poison for me, as was all the earlier heart medicines that had been prescribed before -  I have also found out that I need to take the fish oil at lunch – giving it all day to take affect because taking it at dinner was affecting my sleeping  – probably because the evening kicker dose of Valsartan and the fish oil were combining and that made it hard to fall asleep.  Anyway I am now taking the fish oil at noon and so far blood pressure seems ok – I’ll check sleeping problems tonight – I’ll also have a blood test next week to see if everything else is where it should be or getting better – I’m also planning on having another CAT scan done, about  Feb – almost a year from the first one,  to see if there is improvement or not……  Should be interesting.