Pattaya Park Tower

Sawadee Khrap

Just getting around to posting the images taken at Pattaya Park Tower with Charlie._MG_6511IMG_1633IMG_1646

The first shot is from my condo looking toward the Tower itself – we went up to the 54th floor for lunch and the view.  It has a revolving floor that in 1 hour will allow you to see all of Pattaya – plus there is a gondola and harness rides available – second image shows the harness ride and the view of Pattaya Beach Area – the lower image is looking East at my condo.  The windows in the tower are slanted in such a way I could not eliminate the restaurant reflections – sorry also the tinting of the glass really cuts out the colors, but you can still see the perspective..

P.S.  That’s not Charlie in the harness – neither one of us wanted to try it.


2 thoughts on “Pattaya Park Tower”

  1. How was the food? And the prices?

    Food was very good – lots of it and no rush – – pricing was 600B each not bad for lunch and view

    The pic look great.

    thanks – wish the windows were cleaner and not tinted –


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