Panoramic–from View talay 1

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_1820-Edit-2The above is a 9 image stitched high-res Panoramic taken (hand held) from the balcony in my condo.   Printed the image would be a 8 X 3 foot Mural  -  On the left is the new construction of the Grande Caribbean Resort and Tower – at the present time the Tower is 20 stories tall and will have an additional 10 stories added – Total 30 story.  On the bottom left is the Chateau Dale Boutique Residence .    On the right you can see the Ripley’s Believe it or Not “Sky Rider”  – largest tethered air balloon ride -  Quite a view and what a wonderful clear day.


One thought on “Panoramic–from View talay 1”

  1. Frank.. Another great photo from you. Beautiful view..

    Thanks Jim — Ya I have a great view 555 now that they are building that tower — I really pity the owners of the far side condos who had views when they bought – now nothing — sad – but at least my view is only broken looking this way – I can still see the water and the beach.

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