How about this necklace

Sawadee Khrap

Didn’t copy the full article but couldn’t resist posting this image from the Wednesday,  June 18,2014   Bangkok Post  -  Life Subsection.  Paper version.

bangkok-post-LifeNow that’s a necklace I might have around the house but certainly wouldn’t it wear outside.  I would imagine it’s a great conservational piece at parties – particularly the parties I usually go to – but high society?  maybe they are coming around !!!!.  Everyone should enjoy a good cock.


2 thoughts on “How about this necklace”

  1. I think it’s Japan, not 100 % sure, that has a National Penis Day. It’s in the middle of March, if I remember correctly. That could be a fun trip, more so, if ya had the neck-less…. 5 5 5

  2. I’m with you on this one. Do love it, would love to have one but sure as hell don’t think I’d wear it out…….

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