Hospital update –

Sawadee Khrap

Well it’s been a month since my last check up and things are really on track.  My BP is controlled using Valsartan (average 123/58) so far with no problems.   Amazingly, my  total Cholesterol is in the good low range and the HDL (good )  Cholesterol is up.  Kidney function has returned to acceptable levels and my new arches and posture supports are working and the back pain is going away.    AND 1/8 Cialis tab/day is keeping me me on the cutting edge, so to say – also helping with the BP.

I am finding out that the “Folic Acid” that the doctor in Chiang Mai had me taking to help the weakened kidneys was affecting my sleep and seemed to be making my muscles ache  – so I have now cut it down and that seems to be working good – going to stop taking it and the blood thinner Pavlix – both of these I am slowly reducing so there are no sudden stoppage that can cause side effects. 

Solution:     I start every day off with a large hot bowel of Oatmeal ( Hahne’s Trauben-Nuss Sultanas-Nut) and I add Honey for taste,  then I make sure I walk about 2 miles/day, eat 3 squares  of a “Ritter Sport – Fine Extra Dark 73CoCOChocolate 73% CoCo bar daily ”,  have grilled fish for dinner at least twice/week and enjoy great lunches and dinners of sautéed vegetables/rice, salads, fresh fruits and pastas, everything cooked  using only olive oil and no salt.

I did try “Fish oil” for a while, but through research I found the version I was taking did not have high enough levels of DHL (600mg) so stopped until I can find a product with the high DHL levels.  Maybe I won’t need it if my cholesterol ratios keep getting better as they have been – .    So at this point NO OPERATION.        We’ll see what the reports are like next month. 

Feeling Great