Got rid of the Plavix

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from Chiang Mai – 2 days of doctor and friend visits. – Plavix out – but they did add another blood pressure reducing med – Cardoxa – “doxazosin”   this stuff is a inexpensive mild blood pressure reducing Med. which relaxes the blood vessels and also relaxes the muscles in the prostate gland and bladder.  I needed a little boost for the Valsartan to get me to 120 without the Plavix.  I started back on 1 baby aspirin for blood clotting and will continue to take the Fish Oil – standard twice a day but substituting Blackmores concentrated every other day at lunch ,  I hope for better cholesterol control.  The doctor also commented that my latest cholesterol reading are probably not accurate – because they show it as “ideal”  which he thought was too good to be true – so I’ll have those tests run again.

Love this Cardoxa -  warnings state “inform our doctor immediately if you experience an erection that is painful or that lasts for several hours” –  several hours !!!!    damn right  I’ll call him up and thank him.  Hopefully wont need the Cialis any more –  but we’ll see how that will work out. Not supposed to mix the two.  But is I get one that lasts over 15 min you can be assured I’ll be on the phone calling someone to get their ass over here as soon as possible. – haha -  pardon the pun.

Trip was great – flew both ways  – had dinner with friends each evening and met a old friend from San Sai – young man but old friend – so back to the old routine now but taking it slowly till I get used to the new meds.  Now gott’a see if the hip pain, while walking,  is going away – maybe take a couple of days but should be better without the Plavix.