Earthquake Data


Sawadee Khrap

I just received a comment for a 2007 Post  – Another Earthquake – about the Burma quake near Chiang Mai from a reader – Sharon Thornton from the “International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics”.  IUGGWOW,  thanks Sharon for reading the blog and finding some of it’s articles of value.  I have added your comments to the actual post in question so others can benefit and I also will post them here.  It’s nice to know that people of all walks of life are finding something of value in the Blog besides just looking at the pretty pictures of the boys.  I really appreciate the interest and comment – Thank you.

  1. Earthquakes Data magnitude 5.0 and Over 2005-2014   (This reference is also a subtle ad – but I think Krill Oil is of great value,  – however at the present time, I personally take Blackmores Omega Memo Fish Oil )
  2.  Seismic Monitor
  3. Quakes – Live Earthquakes Map
  4. USGS Earthquake Data

I’m planning on moving back to Chiang Mai after the first of the year and will certainly use the sites you pointed out to monitor the possibilities of future quakes around or near CM..

Again thanks Sharon.