Continuing saga of my Arteries

Sawadee Khrap

And on and on  it goes on, This week I have been able to reduce the morning pills I take to four.  And then just within the last 3 days , the medicine used to open the arteries was replaced with Valpress.   Franks HeartThe old stuff Metropolol started to give me problems so the switch was made – then I found I could reduce the other BP reducing medicine Madiplot  –  last night almost all the edema in my legs went away – perhaps elimination the Madiplot entirely will help this further – we will see.  Now after a 20 min 1 mile brisk walk this morning – my blood pressure is 146/69  and a pulse rate of 73.   Valpress to the rescue.  But I am noticing a small amount of edema coming back – looks like it’s the remaining Madiplot causing it.

The above photo is the 3D CAT scan of my heart taken in Siriphat Hospital in Chiang Mai – remember this only cost 16,000 Baht as compared to BKK Hospital in Pattaya with a charge of 53,000 Baht.  It would appear that if my blood pressure is under control, which it seems to be the case now, as Dr. Nathawut (Siriraj Hospital – BKK) said – leave well enough alone unless there are symptoms and right now there are none.   So I’m hoping that no operation will be needed – I will just monitor my BP for the next several months and see if the kidneys respond and I do not have future symptoms -  All in God’s Hands.   750,000 Baht down to 50,000 baht already spent – great for my budget.

3 thoughts on “Continuing saga of my Arteries”

  1. Hi Frank,
    Try Serraptase for long term lowering blood pressure and C0Q10 for heart health.
    Google em and see what other people say.
    Beat wishes

    Thanks – I’ll check them out

  2. I’d say that’s great news & I’m very glad to hear it. Keep it up & you’ll be a ‘teenager’ again……

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