Beauty & the Beast

Sawadee Khrap

Beauty_&_Beast - C2014-hidden-16x20 final

I started out painting the small image below but thought it was too provocative to include aspainting closeupBeauty_&_Beast - CC2014 - orig-16x20-final is, so I added the plant for a little concealment – I actually think it is a little more erotic this way .  Check out the full size view, zeroed in on the lion, so you can see the actual brush strokes – like all my paintings it’s a 16×20 Digital Acrylic, meant to be viewed hanging on a wall, not close up.  This particular one took 28 hours to setup and paint.  What do you think ?  Like it ?  I won’t tell who the model is that is why I have his face hidden, but you may see him on the beach.