Beach at Khlong Chilat, Krabi–before tsunami

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s a place I fell in love with when I visited Krabi on my first trip to Thailand December, 2004.  This was what it looked like three weeks before the tsunami – I haven’t been back but wonder if it still looks the same — IMG_3907-Edit-Edit-2  it was so peaceful – we had lunch here before going on to Koh Lanta further South.

This painting was made using the new Photoshop 2014 for the final painting phase and the old CC version for the initial preparation.  A little more work but really worth the effort – the new program does give more control of brush strokes and does so without slowing down so better control of modifying layers is possible for enhancing the Gesso and Canvas textures.  This is also a 16×20 canvas and contains much more detail than my other paintings – I am getting better. 

This and my prior paintings were made using a acrylic style painting effect  – next I am going to experiment with using new oil paint impasto  technique which will show more visual 3D brush strokes.