Bang Saray – picturesque fishing community

Sawadee Khrap

Following the advice of a friend, I took a short trip to down the coast today.  About 21K South Bang Sare-140831001-95from Pattaya is the picturesque fishing community of Bang Saray City or Bang Sare  as some spell it.  It was overcast day but no rain in sight.  Bang Sare-140831001-39-EditBang Sare-140831001-26Got there about two in the afternoon so most of the daily activity was finished and everyone was resting and getting ready for the evening fishing launch.  What a colorful scene when all the boats are moored -   I got these great Bang Sare-140831001-38Bang Sare-140831001-92Bang Sare-140831001-6shots of some young boys playing/swimming and  another one of some fisherman fixing their nets .   I plan to spend some more time there the next time and I think I should get  some excellent images to turn into paintings.   If your in the area be sure and check it out and for sure try to sample the local fresh seafood.

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