Another trip to LakeLand

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_5909Took another trip to LakeLand – Pattaya  to test out the new method using  “Back Button Focusing”  on the 7D. (see my earlier post “Tack Sharp”)   I like it, but will take a lot of practice to make it feel natural – I am used to half-down Shutter focusing – standard way most DSLR are factory setup.  Using  BBF the focusing is independent from the shutter button so tracking is a lot easier and shots are more controlled – at least that’s what they say and I am finding it to be true as I get accustomed to it…..  So here are some examples of shots of the day  – _MG_6298_MG_6017


These shots are just random across the day –  to see the value in BBF you need to compare a sequence of shots following the subject – for example 8 in a series – tack on focusing – and total control when the image is taken – you don’t miss a shot because the camera was re-focusing after every shot.  Too many to post here but every action shot is sharp and captures the second I wanted.  Just use high speed shutter and fire away – focusing independent.

The last 4 shots were of a new friend “Martin” who I meet at the Park and took a lot of images – right now he’s checking all of them over to see what he likes the best  – then I’ll further process and prepare them for printing – these are just a quick selection from the days activity.