Ancient City trip–Samut Prakarn, Bangpoo

Sawadee Khrap

Just got the car fixed – new brakes, replaced left CVC joint and a full tune-up.  Now ready to go exploring again.  _MG_1422-PanoSaturday,  I’m planning to head to the “Ancient City” or Mueang Boran in Bangpoo (or on some maps  BangPue, everybody seems to spell places differently – even the local signs don’t match all the time ) – Samut Prakarn Province,  right off of Sukhumvit Rd – Hwy 3.  It’s almost a 200 acre city with 109 scaled down versions of Thailand’s most famous monuments and architectures.  I visited there last year but a big storm was coming in so I didn’t take many shots – hoping for better weather this time.   Above is a 5 shot panorama of the “Pavilion of the Enlightened”.  Of course, to due it justice, I replaced the sky background  with a more sunny version.  And below is a shot of the replica of the “Dusit Maha Prasat Palace in the Grand Palace, Bangkok”  _MG_1380-  

I should also be accompanied there by a new friend –  an Art and Film student  from the local University and avid photographer.  Hopefully our collaborations will produce some unique and interesting images.  Really looking forward to meeting him and maybe even exploring some of the surrounding places that Samut Prakarn has to offer.   New images posted soon.


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