AAA repair–Zhouzhuang, China

Sawadee Khrap

One thing I miss is the AAA (American Automobile Association) services that I used to get in the US.  One call and a repair man or tow truck would be at your service, anywhere in the US.  They would come out and fix your flat tire right on the side of the road – Sooooo I was really surprised when I saw this repair man, fixing a tire, on spot, when I visited Zhouzhuang.P3240120-Edit-2-Zhouzhuang China  Far cry from AAA, but convenient.

And the houses were so colorful and quaint – great photo series, so I created this 20×16 inch painting.  Zhouzhuang appears to be a old, old city built on a series of canals like Venice, but later I found out that it was constructed about 25 years ago as a tourist attraction.  However, they did a great job and I really though that it was at least 100 years old.  Life on the canals offered some wonderful images and I will post more paintings from my travel excursions in the future.

I thought I had posted a slideshow on my trip to China in 2003, Hong Kong, Lanta, Island, Shanghai and Zhouzhuang – not so – so I guess I will have to create one and post it  – some great images and the above painting is a composite drawn from them.