2 thoughts on “A moment in time”

  1. “GREAT SHOT”. This is what makes your site classy. There are all kinds of porn sites on line for anyone with no imagination. Anticipation adds to the ebullience.
    Good work by both model and photographer. Thanks.

  2. Not another eunuch photo!
    Please show the goods! 😉

    Sorry – I don’t think it is necessary to show penises to show the beauty of the Asian male or any male for that matter – I also don’t want to give anyone an excuse to call this site pornographic or have problems with the local Internet authorities for posting. I think showing the young men (Boys as we call them in Thailand) as I do does not violate their privacy and all images have been approved by them before they are posted. If you’d like to see more – I will gladly forward your email address to them (if they have a email account) and they can respond directly to you if they wish to show more explicit images.

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