Trouble in Paradise

Sawadee Khrap

As always, with all Go-Go houses in Thailand, you have to be careful about under-age girls/boys working there.  CaptureMost all of the establishments make sure all employees are of age – but some still try to get around the law. 

I just posted about Sunee Plaza and had a photo from the front of the “Mic-My” – what do you know – It’s in the Pattaya Daily News.   

Busted      Devil    Steaming mad   Thumbs down

So I just want to point out that anytime or anywhere you go and are waited on by any young person, make sure,  if you are planning to get to know them better,  that you closely check their ID and age.  Don’t offer dinner if you don’t know how old they are. 

The dancers are great – shows are entertaining – drinks are refreshing – the boys/girls are beautiful and there to serve you  – but be careful if your planning anything else.  Don’t end up spending your vacation in jail.