There is A Plan in my madness

Sawadee Khrap

In the last two images, “Lets Play” and “Red Fantasy”, I am trying out different concepts to control the viewers eye.  Focusing the viewer on a specific point in the image using contrast and brightness.  From there the viewers eye can wander through the image slowly and reveal the full story behind.  I want the viewers imagination to take hold and make the image personal.

I hope it’s working  – I am working on using different techniques to accomplish the same goal and will post them soon.

Comments are appreciated and suggestions of images or methods would be nice too.   Enjoy


One thought on “There is A Plan in my madness”

  1. I Think your images “Lets Play” and “Red Fantasy” are perhaps the best you’ve ever posted. PLS post more like these 🙂

    Thanks, Glad you liked them, I will try to make some more – I am learning new techniques every day – Photoshop is truly an amazing program.

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