The Sanctuary of Truth – Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap


Did a quick visit to “The Sanctuary of Truth” and got some prelim shots.  A little pricy, 500 Baht, but worth a visit – quite the carvings  – the entire place is covered with them and and new ones are being prepared to fill in the empty spots.  I will need to go back and do some real HDR work to properly photograph the place.

Make sure you have sufficient time as the slideshow is 133 photos.

******* SLIDESHOW ********

But don’t miss it when you are here – worth the time and money.


2 thoughts on “The Sanctuary of Truth – Pattaya”

  1. I am just waiting for one of my tourist friends who want to visit, then I am going to go see this place. Looks very nice.

  2. Beautiful photos of the place! They showed the details of the statues and architectures very well. Outside seemed to be very sunny but the shadow was not harsh at all. Great photos.
    I did not know about the Sanctuary last trip to Thailand. I stayed inside Nong Nooch. Next time which will be in a few years time, when travelling to Chiang Mai for botanical project, I will for sure visit Nong Nooch again, then I will tour the Sanctuary. I heard that there is dinner available at night time too.

    Thanks – sorry the perspective is way off – I didn’t try to get it right – just show the quality and quantity of carvings – next time I’ll take more time. It was also midday and the contrast was high – need to do more planning about the contrast range to really show some good photos. As for the dinner – I am not sure, however there is a dinner and show at “Alangkarn Theater”, not too far from Nong Nooch and I am going to check that out and will post later on it – (the Sanctuary is on the Northern side of Pattaya, Nakula Area). Thanks again

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