Success, yet hardship – a Lisu story

Sawadee Khrap

Several years ago in Chiang Mai I met and employed as my house cleaner  “Ton”.  Actually his name is Asue Saeyang, he is Lisu, from Burma.   During the time he spent with me, he showed an interest in movie making and I sold him my Panasonic and stated teaching him about Sony Vegas and making videos.

After working for me for a couple of months, he met Ana (from UK)and they had a child,  “Lillie”.  They lived in Chiang Mai while he tried to get his Burmese papers in order to get his passport so they could get married.  That was in 2010.  Now in 2013 – Ana has gone to UK with Lillie and Asue will return to Burma again to try and get the passport settled and then rejoin his family in the UK. 

I hope you’ll join your prayers with mine that they will get this mess settled and have their family together soon.  

But to the success story – Asue is self taught, with a little help from CaptureAna and myself, he has mastered the art of movie making –

production, filming,  editing and publication. and has now published a full length 80 min.  movie.

Amazing !

   Although it is narrated in the Lisu language and has no subtitles it will still hit a nerve no matter what nationality you are, the Lisu story of the prodigal son.  Check it out

M.M., Nn NI – A Mother’s Love, Lisu Movie with Lisu Songs

Congratulations Asue and continued success in your movie career –