Scary Job – you’d never catch me out there

Sawadee Khrap

I was watching and photographing as they installed another crane in the building site for the new   Grand Caribbean Condo Resort – Pattaya _MG_4398_MG_4447

Take a close look at the new small crane on the middle left of the photos.  That’s the one they were putting up today and with a storm brewing.  In the second image you can see one of the guys who was installing it – way out on the edge of the arm, two others were crawling around the center mast.  And I was astounded that he had no harness, secure rope or safety equipment, and was barefoot to boot,    I suppose that would be better than flip-flops.  Here’s the close-up as he was walking back in.  Unbelievable


You’d sure as hell never see this in the States – the inspector and Unions would have a shit fit.   But alas, that’s working in Thailand.

Glad I’m retired.