Plastic Surgeon – Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

My friend John arrived yesterday and first on his addenda was a visit to a surgeon to have a couple of large cysts removed on the side of his nose.  The Pattaya City Expats recommended Dr. Anna Jaruwarn at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.  DrAnnaJaruwarn-PattayaWe went there and in one hour the procedure was completed, John says she is terrific – educated in the US and speaks excellent English, very professional staff, perfect job and at a very reasonable price.   Complete operation was 10,400 Baht (US $325 ).  Try that in the States.  And that includes the follow up next week.

Thailand is great as a medical vacation – have your surgery done and enjoy a great vacation on the beach for less than a visit to your local hospital in the States.   Planning or need some surgery, plan on a medial vacation in Thailand – I recommend Pattaya.  Your insurance policy may also pay for it – they love the savings too. Ask them !


One thought on “Plastic Surgeon – Pattaya”

  1. Is there any before and after pics? thx!

    No, I’m sorry there isn’t – he says everything’s healing great, can’t tell about any scaring yet – He will let me know the outcome but that will be at least a couple of weeks after he leaves Thailand – I’ll also ask if he would post some photos.

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