Pattaya’s best Masseur

Sawadee Khrap

Let me introduce you to “Lek” – I believe the best masseur in Pattaya I have met so far, actually I have him come every week to my condo. 


You can find him at “The Blue House” on Soi Day/Night behind Tukcom.  or for a private massage at your Condo call him at  089 043 8939. 

He’s a little shy but promised to pose for some more erotic images  – stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Pattaya’s best Masseur”

  1. Frank, you were right he is a cutie. You are really putting your ass on the line saying he is the best you found in Pattaya. Can’t wait to get him over here to find out for sure. See you on the beach tomorrow


    Hi Mark – thanks for the comment. As you know I have a lower back problem which affects my sciatic nerve and also causes my upper back and leg muscles to spasm and so I look for someone with the ability to work them out. Just a normal massage will not put focus on the individual muscles – so that’s how I rate a masseur. As you know most are mainly “Rub and Jerk” places but offer no real massage.
    Other great masseurs in Pattaya are ” Ao” — 08 3772 4553 and “Tom” — 08 7277 0145
    and if your in Chiang Mai – “Pea” – 08 4177 7218
    Try them out and I hope you see what I mean.

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