New Year Merit Making–View Talay 1A

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_1941A good way to start the new year is with a Merit Making Ceremony – giving to the monks for merit for future life – good karma.   So at 8:30 they started setting up and at 9:30  the monks arrived – they also had food for everyone – lasted about 2 hrs in the parking lot right below my condo.


I like this shot – the young monk spotted me on my balcony with the camera – only one down there that I could see that looked up._MG_1941-Edit




One thought on “New Year Merit Making–View Talay 1A”

  1. Perhaps if you used photoshop to restore his hair, you would find you know him? and he you. Maybe that is why he looked up to see you?

    Thanks Mark – never thought about that – 555 – maybe he has visited. It’s really hard to identify someone without their hair if that’s the only way you saw them before.

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