Sawadee Khrap

Looking for a new attraction, Mimosa, this one was new for me and I will definitely IMG_0766go back – 50 Baht entrance fee with free 1 hour show at 5, 6:30, 7:45 and 9 PM.  WHAT A VALUE.  EXCELLENT, clean, large, great staff and a WONDERFUL show – and did I say “all boys”.   I IMG_0742only saw the last half of the 6:30 show and was I was very, very impressed.  I am planning on a return trip to photograph (maybe next Monday) the buildings during the day and to catch the 5 and IMG_0814IMG_08307:45 shows – I was told that they were different – I’ll make a slideshow for later posting. 


2 thoughts on “Mimosa–Pattaya”

  1. Great photos. I will go and see the show when i return to Thailand. First I have heard about. Thanks for letting us know about Mimosa

    I hope the 1200 Baht was just a error made when it first opened and will not be repeated again – Great place to bring a visiting friend to see a show and have dinner. I think this is second only to the Venue in Jontiem for performance quality and dollar value.

  2. My visit to Mimosa was very different. They had no show, it was lunch time, and I felt very cheated having to pay to gain access so I could shop and have lunch. I said I wouldn’t return, but after seeing they have a show, I might go one evening to see how that goes. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Mark — Great 4 shows – #1,2 same and different for 3,4 – I will go back to photograph the local area and shops about 5:30 or so, then catch the 6:30 show and after that have dinner there and then catch the 7:45 show – that way I will be able to capture it all —

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