Mannequin– But still sexy pose

Sawadee Khrap

Meet “George”    (  That’s what I’d call him  )   – ran across this guy on a IMG_0902-Editrecent trip to Chonburi.  Just past Si Racha on Hwy.3  is this small, mannequin shop on the side of the road and there was George.  I was told 4000 Baht but I think I could get him for 3,500 – next week I’ll go back and see if he is still there and if they will sell him for 3500.  I can use him for the guys to pose with – movable arms and legs would allow for several poses – I also think I can get some legs that will sit down – cover all bases. – they did have the whole family but George kind’a stood out from the pack.IMG_0905IMG_0907