“Kong” new model

Sawadee Khrap

IMG_0058 as Smart Object-1Introducing a new young man, we will do a photo shoot in the near future and I am hoping that he will approve several photos to post.  He does have some shots taken by a friend some time ago and I will also do some Photoshop work to enhance these for him too.

Stunning, don’t you think – I can’t wait till we have a session – How about you – comments :


3 thoughts on ““Kong” new model”

  1. His name is cuteG-boy on planet romeo and has some hot pics of himself there.

    Yes, that is his profile – in fact the last photo is the one I used to make the one I posted and he will allow more to be used, in addition to a private shoot later —

  2. He is available on Planet Romeo. For a few hundred baht he is all yours (Pattaya area). I have chatted in the past to him and will get his pants off soon I hope. The trouble is you are spoiled for choice here.

    Graham, I don’t follow or post, what the boys do in their private life – I assume that one can “have” almost everyone on Gay Romeo – one way or the other. Kong is a wonderful young man with a great personality and a spectacular model. I know future images will show his posing strength and I really look forward to showing everyone that side of him.

  3. Do you need an assistant? Looking forward to the photo shoot

    Got it covered – but thanks for asking. Should be nice, stay tuned

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