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Sawadee Khrap

I just heard some disturbing news, at least to me.  The Apple products, iPad, iPhone, and iPod will not work with  Adobe products.  Not owning any Apple products, I have never thought about this problem and just set my blog up with slideshows made with Lightroom using Adobe Flash.  Most of my Model and other posts have slideshows, over 8,000 images on the Blog, all  in Flash Slideshows.

iSwifterMaybe iSwifter  can come to the rescue – it’s free and states that it can show Adobe Flash on the iPad – for now maybe this would work.   Since I don’t have a iPad I can’t  check it out.   It would be almost impossible for me to convert the old slideshows to another format. 

I am going to redesign my slideshows to eliminate Flash – from checking the web, I think Adobe is or has pulled the Flash Player from Google Play store and intends to go to HTML5 for mobile platforms rather than Flash  – more research if I want my Blog to be readable by all -  Shit, problem, problems, problems.


One thought on “iSwifter Browser for the iPad – view Flash content”

  1. Tried it. Very pixelie, slow, and free version is actually a 1 week trail, that is also limited to 10 minutes per day. To buy this app it costs $7.99. I will stick to viewing the slide show from my PC. Thanks for the option though. It may work better for some. I just didn’t feel it was fast enough.

    Thanks Mark, since I don’t have a iPad I could not check it out – I am looking into a HTML5 slide show plugin that may solve the problem for me – I don’t want to rule out Apple’s devices.

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