Have your Photos Developed–Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

Need to have your photos printed – go see Kuhn Put (pronounced Phat) at Focus – IMG_0156Kodak on Pattaya Tai  just across from Friendship Market.  Excellent service from a English speaking Thai who know his software too.  The shop has a Kodak tested Fuji Frontier 350 commercial printer and Kuhn Put  will work with you on every photo (if necessary) to get the color and exposure right. Great service. Pricing great too.

If you are color specific you can get the Fiji Frontier 350 ICC profile and install it for Photoshop to make sure what you see is what they print  – I am going to do a color match to his machine and will post the results later.

Focus - KodakHere’s his card.

But if you simply want to quickly process your photos – let Put handle the color specifics and you will not be disappointed.