Fang Homestay for Men — Update

Sawadee Khrap

For all of you who asked about the status of Fang Homestay for Men – here is the latest info I have received from May.

""Hi frank,sorry I did not check Facebook for two month, Now I m running on herbal product that very good quality and good sale. I cut off all my coffee in farm, and grow new tea herb, not beautiful yet, I hope my home stay will ready to open on next November, I will let you know again,"

Check on the Facebook listing for more updated info.


One thought on “Fang Homestay for Men — Update”

  1. A link would help… will try a search on “Fang Homestay” to see what that brings up…

    Search on Facebook for “Fang Homestay” I think you should find them there – I don’t stay updated since I moved to Pattaya. Sorry

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