Birding at Bang Pra–Chonburi

Sawadee Khrap

Tai and his American friend Jim visited last week and we went to the Bang Pra No-Hunting Area in Chonburi_MG_3539BangPhraNoHuntingBangPhraBirding_MG_3699Jim is an avid “birder” and this was my chance to check it out too.   The last photo is Jim walking away and Tai in the beached boat – This is the first time I have ever gone “birding” and the place is amazing – Jim, with his binoculars, said he counted over 35 species the day we went and when he and Tai went back the following day, they saw over 50 species and one flock of over 500 birds.  The place is rated as the best birding in Thailand.


Then we went to see the Khao Kheow Open Zoo just around the corner from the reservoir._MG_3571_MG_3639_MG_3604_MG_3669   This place is amazing too – complete drive the car around zoo with a great aviary and a huge collection of birds -  The place was packed with visiting students and the above 2 boys from Nong Kai posed for a snap.

******* SLIDESHOW *******

Had a great time and experienced something new – I do intend to visit again and get some better photos – this time I was more intent on looking than shooting, although I don’t see myself as a “birder” – {way too damn hot for me to set in a blind and wait for that perfect shot} – I wouldn’t hesitate to go on another trip.

So if you enjoy birding and are visiting Thailand be sure and visit this place –