Beautiful Day in Paradise

Sawadee Khrap

Well we are in the rainy season now – what a beautiful day today – _MG_5003-Editcool, clear and bright.  Here is a panorama from my balcony looking towards Pattaya.  The 3 month rainy season, till Oct, will bring in cooler days and especially nights, frequent rains to clear the air and green’ify  (is that a word) the landscape.  About to receive my new camera, a Canon G15, which will make it easier to capture spontaneous images of the area.  Not as intrusive as my big 7D ( that will be used of special occasions and studio work).  I’m really looking forward to shooting on the beach and in town – easy to carry and not as obvious so I can capture more natural images.  Just had the car tuned up so I am ready to go exploring again.

As for the above image – it you look closely in the middle right of the _MG_5000image you can see the “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” balloon ride cabled above the show room on Pattaya 2nd Rd.  I haven’t been up there yet, don’t really have a desire to float above the city.

So for the next 6 months, beautiful weather.  If your planning a visit to Thailand – now is the time – less tourists, cooler nights , low season pricing, great cloud formations (and lightning shows if your into that) – excellent for photography  —  and then the 3 month busy tourist season starts.  

The boys are all here, just check out “GayRomeo” for a date – most are now using the web from their iPad or smartphone, although the bars and clubs are still in full swing too.  Come and enjoy.