More of Tom’s shoot

Sawadee Khrap

As follow-up for those who asked, here’s a few more shots of Tom.


Hopefully more to come when he approves.



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Didn’t get many comments asking for more posting of photos – maybe no one is watching – maybe I need to post a private link so only the ones who comment can see all the photo taken and approved by Tom from this shoot and others to come – any ideas?


5 thoughts on “More of Tom’s shoot”

  1. Thank you for your excellent photos and I know many of your models from previous visits to Thailand. Tom is a nice guy, looks great and is also an excellent massuer. I hope I can find him again for a Thai style massage when I return soon in September. Please keep your good work going with the photos and blog. You provide a valuable insight into life in Thailand and with your photograghic style remind us in a special way of the handsome and wonderful friends we miss so much when not there.

    Thanks for the comment – for sure Tom gives a great massage, he is at Orchid Massage now just up from Jontiem Beach on Thrapphraya Rd. I am sure he would appreciate a return customer –

  2. Hello, I am an occasional reader of your blog. More pictures, especially of Thai boys, are appreciated.

    By the way, I found I am not able to highlight and copy-paste text from your blog. Is that a technical problem or on purpose?

    Thanks for the comment — I have blocked right-click copying – many of the boys don’t want their photos spread across the Internet and for that reason too I only post small JPG’s — If your interested in obtaining large file printable images, I would have to get the guys approval first – just let me know which one and we will see what we can do to get one to you.

  3. You can always make a “Password Protected” post using wordpress (which I know you use for this blog). That way it would show that people are missing out on it and keep the information for the people you want to see it.

    Thanks Nicky Hadn’t even checked on that possibility – I’ll see what I can do and just limit the full post to those who have commented and received the password – partial post for teaser and full post for all photos. Great idea Thanks

  4. Great shot of Tom climbing out of the frame. very imaginative.
    Also leaning on the chair, artistic shot.
    Don,t be discouraged with few comments, many people can not express themselves. I have no doubt your work is enjoyed by far more than you can imagine.

    Thks Chris – Thank God I like working on these images, sometimes I pay the boys for posing as they take the time to come over and it does take away from them making a living – however they are doing that – so I don’t want them to feel I am taking advantage of them. All I ask to pose are wonderful young men and only doing what they think they need to survive. But it does cost me, and I don’t charge anyone for making images. Comments ease the burden for me. Thanks again for your support.

  5. Watch your site everyday, Photos are great
    Keep up thr good work Frank

    Thks Pat appreciate the comments and glad you enjoy the blog and photos — Not had many comments lately so I was beginning to lose interest – but I think I will only post more photos when I get more comments. I am checking into setting up a special URL for photos and will limit the ability to just log on – that way if interest is not sufficient I can forget it.

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