Halloween 2012 October 31st Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

Let’s see, this year’s Halloween , October 31st, started out at the “? Mark Bar – Jontiem Complex”  and was also their 9th anniversary.

_MG_8645 Degs, Ted, Mark, & Don all showed up about 7:30 and the party began: The bar was starting to fill up and the entertainment was live.


Here’s a small  *******SLIDESHOW********

I stayed till 9:00 and then went to the “Bondi Bar” on the Dongtan beach for their party and weekly  – Wednesday Bingo Night. _MG_8686

_MG_8678_MG_8691Colin (one of the owners) was dress up and so was Boy – everyone else seemed to be there for the bingo.  I stayed till 11:00 or so, far past my bed time – and didn’t even get close to a bingo.  But the party was worth it.

Here’s their  ********SLIDESHOW********