Great Model–CDRom

Sawadee Khrap

Like to introduce you to a great 23 y/o young man and wonderful model.  “CDRom”  is his nickname and he’s from Isaan, Thailand.  Here in Pattaya on vacation from his studies – Tourism Major.  He tells me he would like to find a Farang B/F to settle down with and start a Tour Service primarily for gay travelers.   Could be you.  If you would like to contact him, send me a comment and I w2ill forward you his email address.

_MG_8922-Edi-fina-5CDROM_MG_8057-Finalchair-CDROM-EditCDRom-Archer-MG_7923testtBut this time I thought you would also like to see some of the other shots taken in the shoot – he agreed and so I have made this short

***** SLIDESHOW ******

Maybe I can include more of these in future model sessions.  Hope so.    Let me know what you think – the images have had minor corrections for some acne but otherwise are as shot.  You can see I have limited studio space so Photoshop is a constant companion.  But you can see what I mean – a great model.


2 thoughts on “Great Model–CDRom”

  1. I like the Archer photo best, especially after seeing it ‘raw’ in the slideshow. Seeing the before and after makes it just that much more awesome to me.

  2. Agreed great model. Likely had some expert posing advise.
    Love the “Head back, hand on chest” Poster thoughts coming together. Enjoyed the slide show.

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