Dinner with friends

Sawadee Khrap

Just had a great dinner at “Thai Kitchen-Jontiem” with a couple of friends – Chris, visiting this 20120818_185126last couple of weeks from Europe, and Khun Wut who works at X-Men Bar here in Jontiem.

And we were discussing the cost of going out  (the dinner, the movie, the drinks,  etc,) but here that cost is just a pittance from what we would have to spend if back in our home countries.  On a retirement income it”s possible to do so here and not break the bank.

And if your like me, elderly, or should I say older (much older) it would be almost impossible to have anyone younger than 50 consider going out for dinner or an evening.  I don’t really relate to the geriatric crowd ( yesterday I couldn’t spell it – today I are one ), but prefer to be with a younger group.  I also like to think I still have something to offer and enjoy helping or sharing my experiences in business and life with those who possibility could use some help.  It all here in Thailand.  Young or older are invited and sit at the same table – all ages are respected – but of course the oldest gets the check – but here, that’s acceptable too.  Going out on a date is possible and affordable – what more could you ask for.

Chris is now on the plane, going home – hope you had a great time here and look forward to seeing you next time you come to visit.


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  1. Not sure if you are getting all comments, or maybe I screwed up my end. I previously commented, you make an accurate assessment in this posting. only in Thailand can we turn the clock back. Also it was great to meet you guys, say hello to everyone.

    Look forward to seeing you again – everyone here says hello too. Thailand is unique, Pattaya – exceptional.

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