Couple of new photos–trip to BKK

Sawadee Khrap

Last week we took a quick trip to the Silverlake and Sattahip areas south of Pattaya and on the way back stopped at a small fishing village at the end of Pattaya Beach.  Not sure of the name but here is a image of one of the fishing boats.  Or I should say ‘my version’.

_MG_0640-Edit-3 _MG_0662-EditIt’s a composite line drawing and photo – I am going to do another version in Coral Painter and make the painting strokes more apparent.  I also have a lot more images to process and will try to make a slideshow of them to post later too.


And here is a image I created for “Boy” so he can send it home for his family.

I have also found a condo to rent ( at least I hope so – final papers will be drawn up next week and I should be moved in before the end of the month).  It’s a 1 bedroom with kitchen – within walking distance from the beach and should be very quiet.

Really looking forward to getting settled in and having a good Internet connection and able to move in all my stuff and set up so I can again begin working on my photography – it’s not been easy so far from the small studio I am renting now.


One thought on “Couple of new photos–trip to BKK”

  1. Nice shot of “Boy”

    I was privileged to meet this delightful young man in Feb. Hope I can find him again in Aug.

    Keep up the good work.

    He should be here – great young man, he’s learning computers now so he should be prepared for the future, stay tuned for some future shots coming up before the end of the year.

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