A little more editing – Presenting Pond

Sawadee Khrap


Here’s the latest shot of Pond – Much better than the first ones – I am getting better – slowly but steady – it’s hard to teach a old dog new tricks and I jump too fast to post images before I really put a lot of effort into editing them.  These guys are soooooo cute, I love spending time with them and hope you enjoy these images too.


2 thoughts on “A little more editing – Presenting Pond”

  1. Hey Frank, Pond, I know as Bon, is a very good friend and I agree he’s a sweetheart of a guy. I took him up to Chiang Mai my last visit, and we both enjoyed it immensely. I downloaded the Green Hair photo. I’ll add it o my collection of him! I’m glad other guys besides me think of him as a person and not as ‘meat’.

    Ya he uses both names – I first met him as Bon too — Nice young man – it really irritates me that many, maybe most, look down on the working boys here in Thailand – these young men are making a living the best way they can – education is poor or just lacking – decent paying jobs are limited by “who you know” – generally not by talent – and then they have to put up with old, flabby, degenerate tourist – I can only give then credit for that – I sure as Hell couldn’t or wouldn’t do it

  2. Hey Frank, I can tell you really are loving Pattaya
    Your photo’s are fantastic, my next trip down, we will have to meet up

    Thanks Jim, Ya it sure beats sitting in the Mall, the beach has sooooooo much more to offer. In addition, there are many more boys willing to pose here than in the country side – 555 Look forward to your visit.

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