Visit by Nu

Sawadee Khrap

Surprise, Surprise – Over the weekend, I also saw Nu.  He was in town as his boyfriend was attending a function in Rayone and Nu used this time alone to visit his Aunt and Uncle here in Chiang Mai.  He is doing quite will, living in BKK, condo and all the trimmings.  Apparently he has undergone several operations (Plastic Surgery) to prepare himself for becoming a full ‘Lady’  – Looking relaxed, poised and living his dream.  I asked about his trying for the “Miss Tiffany” title and he responded that it didn’t hold that much power any more – Great, I know he would win but now he has realized that it’s the heart that wins not wining contests – he will be Miss Tiffany in every respect.  Very happy to see him in a great relationship and doing well – All the best of success Nu – I know all our prayers go with him.