Starting new year – bad/Good start ??

Sawadee Khrap

Well it’s not been a great start this year – I have been sick from Christmas, several friends are now in the hospital with similar symptoms.

Ton – has a terrific cold and sore throat too – damn it’s getting everyone.  And this is on top of the great news that he and Ana are going to be parents. Congratulations, you two.  All my prayers are with you.  Ton has also started a small commercial garden growing peppers for sale – but he tells me that his illness is really making it hard to take proper care of the plants and they have been suffering from lack of water.  But what I admire in him most is his determination to succeed and I am sure the garden as well as his family will be a great success.

Everything is ready for Mohamed’s visit in a couple of weeks – can’t wait to get my new camera.  Dana left and apparently had a great time here, he should be in BKK now and heading for Ho Chi Min later in the week.

May, from Fang Lagoon just stopped by and picked up a spare gas range I had from my old apartment – that should help in meal preparation at the Homestay.  Hopefully when the new camera gets here  we can set up a photo shoot with his escort boys so he has some great photos to show clients.  Should be fun too.

Anyway, just an update – life in paradise goes on.