Need new glasses – come to Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

I just purchased the best pair of glasses I have ever worn.

Best service, and price.  9,000 Baht or $300 US    Service included electronic eye focal examination with personal testing using  replacement lenses.  The glasses are made with designer magnesium frames, UV protection, transitional (Grey), light weight – scratch resistant plastic. – Wow Great.  

TopCharoenOptical-CMKhun Ocha (left) and Khun Pong in their “Top Charoen Optical” store on the CharyaPhum Rd (outer moat – Thapae Gate side) , right next to “Northwest Wheels”  is the place to go.  Tel: +66 053 252 393

It’s worth a trip to Chiang Mai.  You can almost fly here – have a weeks vacation – fly back,  for the same price you’d pay for new glasses in the States.  Pick up some clothes (Designer), new luggage and meet some of the lovely young men here at the same time.

Hope you come to visit.