My New Diet– I wouldn’t believed it

Sawadee Khrap

Well it’s been 2 weeks since starting my new vegetarian diet – feel great, no acid reflux, no heartburn, most of all the pain I have been having in my legs and back has gone away – and a very clear head and overall great general feeling.   Amazing !!!!

3 weeks ago, I was having a bad reaction to the acid reflux drugs I have been taking for almost the past 4 or so years, also costing me over 2000 Baht a month for this crap.  That shit really began to give me problems and caused me to start having vertigo and other loss of control like my blood pressure would just drop, and worse of all – my dick dropped to the ground – so I stopped taking all of it – Miracid and any other versions of the same shit.  All drugs.  I still had acid reflux but it felt the same as when I get a bacterial infection from drinking bad water – so I thought I try Disento to see if it was just an infection – it worked.  I did.

Disento did the trick – I am also getting weekly massages from Pea and he is excellent – I am sure that the massage and diet have brought me to this wonderful stage.  No reflux, heartburn, everything returning to normal, everything is picking up so to say.

My diet now is that I eat nothing that has a ‘Mother’ – Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Seafood, Fish, etc..   Also cut down on oils, except olive oil that I use to make my stir fried rice with vegetables. Stopped anything cooked with palm oil, cheap and a favorite here in Thailand – Just vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains – but I do include some boiled eggs in my rice for flavor – but small amount.  And for 2 weeks – free of any problem. 

I think I got most of the bacterial from the water they use to make hot tea – tap in most cases because I think that they figure when they boil it is will be OK – not the case – So now I request ONLY bottled water be used and no problems.   I’m going to monitor another 2 –3 weeks and post my results.


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  1. Happy Birthday Frank! Sounds like things are going better for you since starting your new diet. Hope you enjoy your day

    Thanks Jackie – Ya the diet is great, really works.

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