Khun Churn Vegetarian–Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Just a follow up on my new diet – I have never felt better and getting better each day – as I said earlier amazing.

Every day for lunch I have been going to Khun Churn Vegetarian Restaurant.KhunChurnKhunChurn-2 There I met Khun Tum, Manager of the location, but didn’t realize till now that they were so big, 4 sites – Chiang Mai and BKK.  The CM site is at Soi 11, off Nimmanhaemin Road -  The photo above is the Owner, but I haven’t met him yet.  Wonderful food and extremely great prices. Check out some reviews.


One thought on “Khun Churn Vegetarian–Chiang Mai”

  1. i also feel very great following a macrobiotics vegetarian diet.. i eat eggs ocasionally and only if i can find eggs from hens that have access to open air daily and that feed on non-gmo seeds. learned that its possible to ferment whole grains with or even without salt… they turn into yogurt or can be prosessed into cheese.. thanks for sharing ur nice experiences with us on this blog.

    Thanks Salma – and you have a great web site also — best success, and success for Syria too, I pray the conflict will end soon and the Syrian people can enjoy freedom and peace.

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