High Dynamic Range–wow

Sawadee Khrap

Just started to shoot HDR images – with the 7D, I have set up a special HDR shooting mode that will take 3 bracketed (2 stops apart) RAW images automatically.  _MG_5992-EditThe aperture is set to 5.6 and shutter is _MG_5959-Editadjusted in the 3 exposures. Almost point and shoot.  I chose some very high contrast scenes and used the HDR Pro in CS5 to process.  Check out the detail in the shadows while still maintaining the detail in the clouds – amazing.  _MG_6001-EditThese are all hand held shots too.  In fact I did over push the color of the sky – could be a little less intense blue, but that can be adjusted – now I want to try Photomatix Pro to see if it will give better results._MG_5923-Edit  I can’t wait to go get some new shots of the landscape images I did in the past.