Happy Easter–He has risen

Sawadee Khrap

Happy Easter to everyone

This is a good time of reflection for me.  1988, the year God took away my compulsion to drink and I realized a personal relationship with Christ.   Not the “christ” taught by the “church” ( each domination insisting their doctrine is the only true one) BUT, a real, personal, loving relationship with Jesus “The Christ”.  Accepting of all, without condemnation, based on Love and Acceptance.

That’s been 23 years, without drink  (and 22 years without smoke) and a real struggle to change my way of thinking and acting.  23 years of trying to come to terms with who and what I really am.  “A Child of God – One with Christ. 

Not much to say about it – only my actions can really tell the truth – Jesus said “If you love me you will follow my commandments” – I can only hope and pray for the strength to do that – as He said “If you see me, you see my Father” – and I can only pray that others see a clearer reflection of God through me. 

This is the world of differences, hatred, ego based decisions, limited, lonely and without hope, ending in death.  And YET, in this world, Christ has shown me a glimpse of Heaven.  Opened my eyes and set me on a path of discovery and peace.  I don’t even want to mention sexuality but my being “gay” was a major obstacle I had to come to terms with.  I love being me, I don’t want to be limited to any broad classification or group, I don’t want a label, I am just Frank, and I prefer to be in the company of men, and I thank God I have been brought to Thailand.  The story begins anew each day.

He Has Risen – Blessed Easter