Happy Birthday–Nixon

Sawadee Khrap

I’ve lost all contact with a old friend “Nixon”  and I hope he still checks my blog from time to time.   If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I met Nixon about 10 years ago- at that time he was living in the SF. ghetto and was just a snotty, arrogant little shit.  But he had something that made him stand out and talking to him you would realize that he was really not that way.  I had the pleasure of watching him grow and become a solid citizen over the 5 years I was living in San Francisco and we did keep touch for the first couple of years I was in Thailand. But for the past couple of years, no word and the email addresses I have are not valid any more.

The last I heard from him was when he was in the Navy at San Diego, I think he was stationed there – Nurses’ Instructor, I believe. Far cry since I first met him.  All this he did by himself for himself, jobs,  school and maybe now a family or more likely a partner.

Hi Nixon, I hope you read this and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love to hear from you again and better yet – visit Chiang Mai.