Every year–back again

Sawadee Khrap

Strep Throat – and a deep cold.  In bed taking antibiotics.  It started Christmas Eve, sitting in front of a fan at The Metro.  And now 2 weeks later I am heavily congested with a terrific sore throat.  Went to the hospital yesterday and got some medicine and it really feels like it’s working finally. 

Dana arrived from San Francisco and we meet for dinner but I had to leave and let the medicine do it’s work – up all night with coughing and draining sinus,  won’t be able to see him today, going to stay in bed and get rid of this once and for all.   Wit showed up to have dinner with us and he and Dana went out to some shows last night.

Ordered my new camera, Canon 7D, Mohamed will bring it when he comes later this month and then I hope to be able to get some great shots of the boys.  Studio flash units have been repaired and studio ready.  Several sessions planned -  Now all I have to do is to get rid of this infection.